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Environmental Humanities Research Cluster

Organisational unit: Research Grouping

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Environmental Humanities is a fast-growing field within environmental research. It assumes two things. First, that relationships between humans and the natural environment are of overriding importance in the modern world. Secondly, that scholars in the humanities have something vital to contribute to debates on issues ranging from global climate change to the experience of being an animal. In short, it aims to bring the non-human firmly into the humanities.

This research cluster brands Bristol as the UK’s foremost research centre for the field. It unites Bristol’s diverse researchers from humanities and allied departments, capitalising on established expertise, several new Environmental Humanities hires, and others interested to develop new perspectives. The cluster builds on the existing activities of the well-established Environmental History Lunchtime Reading Group, and broadens the appeal of the successful Beastly Histories research cluster. It connects to the strong interdisciplinary links forged by the Cabot Institute and the Institution for Advanced Studies (UoB). We organise events, field trips and discussion spaces of interest to members, and provide a platform for collaborations with other institutions at home and abroad.

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Department of Historical Studies
School of Humanities
13 Woodland Road
University of Bristol
United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 (0)117 928 9016