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Dr Basile F E CurchodPHd, MSc, BSc

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Basile Curchod

Dr Basile F E CurchodPHd, MSc, BSc

Marie Curie Research Fellow

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Research interests

The two pillars of my scientific research are the development and the application of theoretical methods for studying the dynamics of molecules in their electronically excited states. Such dynamics constitute a real challenge for theoretical chemistry, as they require:

  1. The inclusion of effects beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation (nonadiabatic effects), that often break a classical description for the nuclei
  2. An accurate description of the molecular environment
  3. Efficient electronic structure calculations for both the ground and the excited states.

I am currently working on the development of a hierarchy of nonadiabatic methods centered around trajectory-guided techniques such as full multiple spawning, with a controllable degree of accuracy. I am not only interested by the accuracy of the nuclear dynamics per se, but also by the inclusion of different additional factors contributing to a precise description of the excited-state dynamics, such as external fields, environment, or relativistic effects. 

I apply nonadiabatic techniques to the study of transient molecules of first importance for atmospheric chemistry.

Last but not least, I intensively collaborate with experimental groups to employ these excited-state techniques for real chemical problems, and to provide a theoretical support for the analysis of complex experimental data.

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Cantock's Close
United Kingdom