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Dr Byung Chul (Eric) KimPhD(KAIST), MSc(KAIST)


External positions

Member of Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research, EPSRC

14 Apr 201613 Apr 2018

Research interests

I am primarily interested in application of Axiomatic Design* approach for design of innovative composite products and manufacturing processes.

Many people tend to believe that the optimisation techniques are the most important and advanced design methodologies rather than design principles because they seem empirical and highly experience-based. But, in reality, more than 70% of product development cost is affected by the design. Furthermore, bad design leads to lack of robustness causing an endless optimisation process against variability in materials and process parameters.

The strength of Axiomatic Design is to help the designer to focus on the functional requirements (FRs) of the design target under a solution-neutral environment. In this approach, breaking the couplings among the FRs by creating or replacing design parameters (DPs) in the design matrix is essential to generate an ideal design. Composite materials have greater potential in Axiomatic Design than metallic materials because even the material properties can be manipulated to be decoupled or uncoupled.

My research interest is to develop innovative composite products and processes with high industrial impacts by means of Axiomatic Design. As examples, three of my previous works are shown below (Please click the hyperlinks to see the images). My current research is mainly focused on automated fibre placement technology for manufacturing defect-free complex composite parts. However, my plan is to apply this design methodology to various fields such as automotive, defence, marine, and machinery in conjunction with my knowledge on composite materials.


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United Kingdom

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    Continuous tow shearing for manufacturing variable angle tow composites

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    A novel approach for manufacturing variable angle tow composites - Continuous tow shearing

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  3. Published

    Multi-tow shearing mechanism for high-speed manufacturing of variable angle tow composites

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