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Dr David LeechMA Hons (StAnd), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Cantab)


David Leech

Dr David LeechMA Hons (StAnd), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Cantab)


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Research interests

My principal research interests lie in the philosophy of religion and intellectual history, in particular the following topics: religious love; Neoplatonism as a philosophical religion (especially Cambridge Platonism); religious experience; psychology and religion; philosophical atheism; contemporary forms of religious agnosticism; critiques of philosophical naturalism, religious or otherwise.

Teaching information

My teaching, which builds on my research interests, addresses philosophical questions arising from the Abrahamic traditions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, as well as non-theistic traditions such as Buddhism, and atheistic/agnostic positions. I teach units on the philosophy of religion, ethics, philosophical atheism/agnosticism, and Neoplatonism as the philosophical common ground of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious traditions. I also contribute to team-taught units including the Symposium, and Issues in Religion. 


Research Supervision

I welcome enquiries from students wishing to pursue research in the areas of philosophy of religion and the history of philosophy of religion, the philosophy of love, philosophical atheism, (Neo)Platonism (especially Cambridge Platonism), psychology and religion, critiques of philosophical naturalism, and religious agnosticism.


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11 Woodland Road
United Kingdom