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Dr Dima DamenBSc, MSc, PhD(Leeds)

Lecturer in Computer Science

Dima Aldamen

Dr Dima DamenBSc, MSc, PhD(Leeds)

Lecturer in Computer Science

Member of

Research interests

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Activity Analysis, Global Explanations, Motion & Tracking, Egocentric Activity Monitoring, Object Detection

Short Bio...

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Vision at the University of Bristol. Received her PhD from the University of Leeds (2009). Dima's research interests are in the automatic understanding of object interactions, actions and activities using static and wearable visual (and depth) sensors. Dima co-chaired BMVC 2013, is area chair for BMVC (2014-2017) and associate editor of IET Computer Vision. In 2016, She was selected as a Nokia Research collaborator. Dima currently supervises 7 PhD students, and 2 postdoctoral researchers.

Awards and Fellowships

University Research Fellowship 2017/2018, University of Bristol, 2017

Nokia Research Collaborator, 2016

Outstanding Reviewer, IEEE CVPR, 2013

Outstanding Review, IEEE AVSS, 2013

Outstanding Reviewer, IEEE CVPR, 2012

Overseas Research Students Award Scholarship (ORSAS), 2006-2009

MSc Prize for Best Academic Performance, University of Leeds, 2003


If interested in project ideas, you might find inspiration in previous project ideas I supervised,

MSc Projects

  • Automatic Palm Fortune Teller - an investigative study, X Tian, 2015
  • Detecting Solar Photovoltaic Panels from Aerial Images, X Huang, 2015
  • Wearable Camera for Assistance in Pedestrian Crossings, Dominik Heine, 2014
  • Where are my glasses? Locating lost objects in smart rooms using visual surveillance, Nicole Neo, 2015
  • User-Adaptive Cursive Handwriting Recognition, Chris Ratcliff, 2014
  • CCTV - The new automatic hacker, Mengjun Xu, 2014
  • DetectMe: Real-time Object Detection on an android mobile platform, Ping (Peter) Wang, 2014
  • Cognitive Camera: The Perfect Shot - an android application, Xiangguang Zhao, 2014
  • Real-Time Learning and Recognition of Objects using an Andriod Mobile Phone, Yannan Cui, 2013
Visual Features for Language Classification of Printed Text, Shulin Dong, 2013
  • Where did I meet you before? Face recognition for person-specific contacts, Jun Zhang, 2013
  • Can you steal my password by looking over my shoulder?, Wei Zhang, 2013

MEng Projects

  • Objectness for Everday Objects from a Wearable Visual Sensor, Mike Wray, 2015
  • Tracking using PTZ Raspberry Pi Camera, Guy Howcroft, 2015

BSc Projects

  • Goal Line System using Post-mounted High Frame Rate Camera, Erricos Michaelides, 2015
  • Event Detection and Localisation in Sensor Networks, Jess McIntosh, 2014
  • Carried Object Detection using RGB-Depth Sensor, Dan Lamb, 2014

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Postal address:
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom