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Dr Jason Zheng JiangBSc, MSc, PhD


Jason Zheng Jiang

Dr Jason Zheng JiangBSc, MSc, PhD


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Research interests

Dr Jiang’s research focuses on both the theory and application of ‘advanced passive control’. By replacing the traditional spring-damper suspension system with a general passive mechanism, with the help of a newly introduced mechanical circuit element called the ‘inerter’, it is now possible to enhance the performance of mechanical systems (e.g. noise and vibration reduction, stability improvement) via passive controllers. 

Using advanced passive control method, the suspension design problem can be divided into two sub-problems:

  • Design a suitable positive-real controller transfer function (immittance) to achieve the desired suspension performance;
  • Construction of a physical network mechanism either mechanically or electrically to synthesis such transfer function.

Dr Jiang is focused on investigating the above-mentioned problems and improving the performance of a wide range of mechanical systems such as road vehicles, airplane landing gears and wings, bridges, buildings, etc. He is also devoted to related research topics, such as (semi-)active control, dynamic analysis and control strategy for linear and nonlinear systems, and network synthesis theory.

Dr Jiang is interested in supervising PhD students in relevant topics.

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Postal address:
Queen's Building
University Walk
United Kingdom