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Dr Volker M HeydPhD

Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology

Volker Heyd

Dr Volker M HeydPhD

Professor in Prehistoric Archaeology

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Research interests

My research has advanced in two main directions in the last five years. Whilst I still see myself as a prehistoric archaeologist undertaking my own fieldwork projects in Hungary, France and Turkey, and focusing current key prehistoric themes such as identity, ethnicity, ideology etc., I regularly incorporate scientific methods into my research. Here the study of mobility, and the application of isotopes, has particularly kept my attention since first publishing on the subject many years ago. Besides, I am always keen to promote other multi/cross-discipline approaches, for example making use of evidence from chemistry, physical anthropology, genetics etc., for a better understanding of our own prehistoric record and materials. A significant part of my research is centered around the fourth and third millennium BC. More recently, my interests have broadened in time, to include publications and seminars encompassing the seventh millennium BC Neolithisation and the first millennium BC Iron Age, and geographically, from Central Europe to the wider Continent.  

I am currently working in four major research projects:

1) The Milking Revolution in Temperate Neolithic Europe. Funded by an ERC Advanced Grant, European Union, to R. Evershed (see:

2) Isotope analysis of well dated cattle and red deer bones from Swiss Neolithic lakeshore settlements as indicator for herd management, dairying, environment and human impact (with J. Schibler, Basel & A. Pike, Southampton). Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (see:

3) Yamnaya Impact: Archaeological Heritage, Research into European Population History & Summer School (with G. Kulcsár & J. Dani, Hungary,  J. Peska, Czech Rep., P. Wlodarczak, Poland & J. Sutekova, Slovakia). Mosaic Funding (see:

4) Economy and Subsistence of the Corded Ware Culture in Southern Finland, 3rd Millennium BC (with M. Lavento, Helsinki). Mosaic Funding.

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