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Department of Computer Science

Organisational unit: Department

  1. Cytosm: OpenCypher to SQL Mapper

    Vaquero Gonzalez, L.

    Project: ResearchTransfer (R&D project)

  2. 8030 Bidirectional Compiler for Software Evolution

    Wang, M.


    Project: ResearchResearch Travel Grant

  3. 8030 Software Testing Guided by Differential Analysis on Programming Languages

    Wang, M.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

  4. A Sense of Place: Exploring nature & wellbeing through the non-visual senses

    Bates, V. L., Cater, K. F., Manchester, H., Hickman, C., Prior, J., Ligtenberg, R. & Singer, S.


    Project: Research

  5. SCARV: A side-channel hardened RISC-V platform

    Page, D.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

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