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Developmental Group

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Organisation profile

The Developmental Group has particular strengths in the study of cognitive development in early to middle childhood. Much of our work takes place in the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre (BCDC). The group's main areas of research are the development of memory and language in children, and children's knowledge of the physical, social, and mental world. While much of this work is carried out with typically developing children, the group has expertise in working with atypical populations including children with autism, Down syndrome, children born prematurely, and children with language delay. The group has links to the Bristol Autism Research Group. In addition, members of the group serve as trustees and governors of Fosse Way School, via the School of Experimental Psychology's partnership in the Fosse Way School Trust.

Developmental conditions

  • Understanding the psychological profile of autism.
  • Characterising the memory and language problems often seen in Down syndrome, and understanding their consequences.
  • Real-world search behaviours in individuals with autism and Williams syndrome.

Language and memory

  • Why is working memory such a good predictor of academic ability in children and adults?
  • How does short-term memory relate to language development in children?

Conceptual understanding

  • What can eye gaze tell us about children's social skills?
  • What theories do children develop about the physical and social world?

The Developmental Group is part of the Cognitive Processes research group.

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