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Faculty of Arts

Organisational unit: Faculty

  1. Re-Connections: Disability, history and social justice activism in Bristol

    Steel, M. D., Flack, A. J. P., Ayres, G. & Yeo, R.

    Project: ResearchResearch Other

  2. Rethinking Healthy Spaces: Evidence, evaluation and design

    Bates, V. L., Selman, L. E., Williams, O., Fitzgerald, D. & Pitt, H.

    Project: Research

  3. A medieval abbot-historian at work - Ellinger of Tegernsee

    Pohl, B.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

  4. Vietnam Cultural Heritage Network

    Were, G. R.


    Project: ResearchResearch Other

  5. Think Tanks: Humans and Oceans

    Publicover, L. J. W. & Michalopoulou, E.


    Project: ResearchResearch Network

  6. CPMW: Classical Polytheism and Modern Wellbeing

    Lampe, K. W., Wood, P., Voss, A. & de Salis, I. O. C.


    Project: OtherResearch Network

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