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Faculty of Arts

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  1. Creative Histories of Witchcraft

    Pooley, W.


    Project: ResearchResearch Fellowship

  2. Poetics in Practice: Narratives of primary care consultations

    Liveley, G., Caddick, B. A., Barnes, R. K. & Morden, D.


    Project: ResearchResearch First Grant

  3. A medieval abbot-historian at work - Ellinger of Tegernsee

    Pohl, B.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

  4. Naples and the Nation: Image, Media and Culture in the Second Republic.

    Glynn, R.


    Project: ResearchResearch Fellowship

  5. Research in Rhetoric

    Earlie, P. J.


    Project: ResearchResearch Network

  6. SPAN: a participatory history

    McLellan, J. & Cole, T.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

  7. VIA Culture: VIA Culture: European Cultural Heritage for Vocabulary In Action

    Trimmis, K. P., Kalogirou, K., Dalziel, F. & Tsagkalidis, A.


    Project: ResearchResearch Individual Grant, Research Programme, Platform or other Large Grant

  8. Accrediting Community Engagement: A Bristol Approach to Service-Learning

    Thomas-Hughes, H.


    Project: ResearchResearch Individual Grant

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