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Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Organisational unit: Research Grouping

  1. Tactile-Textiles: The Calming Cushion

    Kent, C., Rossiter, J. M. & Lywood, A.


    Project: Research

  2. T-B PHASE: Prosperity Partnership with Thales

    Lawry, J., Richards, A. G., Wilson, R. E., Pitonakova, L., Kent, T., Crosscombe, M., Wisetjindawat, W., Potts, M. W., Hogg, E., Bonnell, W. D., Ellinas, C., Drury, K. L., Johnson, A., Sartor, P. N. & Wilson, R. E.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard


    Craddock, I. J., Coyle, D., Flach, P. A., Kaleshi, D., Mirmehdi, M., Piechocki, R. J., Stark, B. H., Ascione, R., Ashburn, A. M., Burnett, M. E., Damen, D., Gooberman-Hill, R., Harwin, W. S., Hilton, G., Holderbaum, W., Holley, A. P., Manchester, V. A., Meller, B. J., Stack, E. & Gilchrist, I. D.


    Project: Research, ParentResearch Programme, Platform or other Large Grant

  4. An Active Learning Approach to Network Inference

    Campbell, I. C. G.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

  5. IEU Theme 2

    Flach, P. A., Gaunt, T. R. & Gaunt, T. R.


    Project: ResearchResearch Programme, Platform or other Large Grant

  6. Personalised Sports Genetics

    Gough, J. J. T.


    Project: Research

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