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School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Engineering Maths

Organisational unit: School

  1. Assessment of low power electric cooking in Nepal

    Williamson, S., Tran, A., Gautam, B., Maskey, M. & Maskey, R.


    Project: Research

  2. 8032 Network resiliance theory for water distribution systems

    Masuda, N.


    Project: Research

  3. Rapid diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection in Primary Healthcare

    Drake, M., Micciche, A., Lovering, A., Hayward, G., Jeays-Ward, K., Jacobson, S. K., Hay, A. D., Kiely, J., Luxton, R., Langley, J., McCarthy, A., Skews, R. & Yang, Y.


    Project: Research

  4. Handheld quantum wireless for financial transactions

    Rarity, J.


    Project: Research, Parent

  5. ISN: Immune State Networks in Wild Mice

    Masuda, N.


    Project: Research

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