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Miss Alice Haynes

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

Alice Haynes

Miss Alice Haynes

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

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Research interests

I am working in the Soft Robotics group at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. We are interested in using soft materials and bio-inspired approaches to robotics for improved capabilities, efficiency, human compatibility and more.

My main area of research is in tactile interfaces, investigating their emotive qualities and how they can be embedded into our clothing for everyday use. With the field of e-textiles and wearable haptic devices rapidly expanding, it is important to improve our understanding of their affective (emotive) aspects and how this impacts their use and can be integrated into design processes.

Applications of haptic interfaces that I am interested in include:

Mediated social touch: Communicating via emotive touch remotely, for example sending a hug or squeeze to comfort a loved one. 
Physical empathy and communication: Understanding the movements or physical state of others through physical sensations on the skin, for example this could be used for a physiotherapist and patient to give them more awareness of the patient's movement.
Affective/emotive communication: Increasing our understanding of the emotive aspects of our tactile interactions with technology and how to design for positive interactions.
Sensory substitution: Conveying information from another sense such as vision or audio for people with sensory loss.
Sensory augmentation: Enhancing the emotive aspects of another sense, for example, enriching our experience of music.

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