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Dr Andrew K J WyattB.A.(Lanc.), M.A., Ph.D.(Bristol)

Senior Lecturer

Andrew Wyatt

Dr Andrew K J WyattB.A.(Lanc.), M.A., Ph.D.(Bristol)

Senior Lecturer

Member of

Research interests

My research is located in the fields of comparative politics, political economy, and South Asian politics/area studies. I have an interest in the topics of parties and party system change, with a focus on the impact of the leadership on change.

In the area of political economy I have completed work on the economic narratives used to construct national identities and justify policy. I also have an interest in the World Bank and have completed research on its support for urban reform in South India.

I have an interest in national and regional politics in India. My work on national politics has covered elections, democracy and foreign policy. My work on regional politics focuses on the southern state of Tamil Nadu where I have looked closely at a range of issues including party politics, religion, and caste.



2010 (with Adeney, K), Contemporary India, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

2009 Party System Change in South India: Political Entrepreneurs, Patterns and Processes, Abingdon, Routledge.

2004 (edited with J. Zavos and V. Hewitt) The Politics of Cultural Mobilization in India, New Delhi, Oxford University Press.

2003 (edited with J. Zavos) Decentring the Indian Nation, London, Frank Cass.

Selected journal articles

2013 Combining Clientelist and Programmatic Politics in Tamil Nadu, South India, Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 51/1, pp.27-55.

2007 (with M. Vijayabaskar), The Many Messages of Sivaji, Economic and Political Weekly, 42/44, pp. 29-32.

2005 Building the Temples of Postmodern India: Economic Constructions of National Identity, Contemporary South Asia, 14/4, pp. 465-480.

2005 (Re)imagining the Indian (inter)national economy, New Political Economy, 10/2, pp. 163-179.

2004 (with K. Adeney), Democracy in South Asia: Getting Beyond the Structure-Agency Dichotomy, Political Studies, 52/1, pp. 1-18

2002 New Alignments in South Indian Politics: the 2001 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, Asian Survey, 42, pp. 732-753.

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Global Political Economy

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