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Dr Anita GanesanPhD

Senior Research Fellow and Proleptic Senior Lecturer

Anita Ganesan

Dr Anita GanesanPhD

Senior Research Fellow and Proleptic Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

I am a Natural Environment Research Council Independent Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. I work on several areas of greenhouse gas emissions estimation. My main research areas are in:

1. understanding how and why greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere exhibit large year-to-year changes. I use terrestrial and atmospheric models to simulate sources and sinks of GHGs, particularly methane, from terrestrial systems and assess how these may influence what is observed in the atmosphere.  I also am interested in understanding how observations such as isotopologes of greenhouse gases can be used in models for source attribution.

2. using novel inverse modeling strategies to “work backward” to quantify emissions of these gases using the data collected from surface stations, aircraft and satellites. I am interested in improving data assimilation methods to better account for uncertainties.

3. using atmospheric measurements to provide a "top-down" constraint to the emissions submitted by countries to the UNFCCC

4. conducting measurement programs to collect data from critical source regions in the world.

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Cabot Institute Environmental Change Research

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