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Dr Colin M GreatwoodMEng(Bristol), PhD

Senior Research Associate

Colin Greatwood

Dr Colin M GreatwoodMEng(Bristol), PhD

Senior Research Associate

Member of

Research interests

Dr Greatwood is a member of the Dynamics and Control group working in the field of control of unmanned aircraft systems. His interests include design of small unmanned aircraft systems, optimal control, machine learning and embedded computing.

Recent activities that Dr Greatwood has worked on have included

A lot of the research Dr Greatwood is involved in is supported by the indoor flying arena at the Bristol Robotics LaboratoryThe instrumented arena enables fast, accurate motion tracking of vehicles and rapid development of embedded control algorithms.

Dr Greatwood is currently investigating methods for integrating low power, high speed cameras to enable agile autonomous control of UAVs within complex and previously unexplored environments. These technologies will reduce the need for highly trained operators and could enable UAVs to support dangerous operations such as search and rescue within damaged buildings.

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Postal address:
Queen's Building
University Walk
United Kingdom