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Dr Jon BalserakPhD(Edin)

Senior Lecturer

Research interests

My research interests are in the Renaissance and Early Modern period.  I specialize in intellectual, religious, and cultural history and thought.

Specifically, I do research on the French Reformation with particular interest in the Huguenots and individuals involved in the supporting of the French Reformed churches such as John Calvin, Guillaume Farel, Theodore Beza, Francois Hotman. I also work on the Swiss Reformation, with particular interest in Ulrich Zwingli, Peter Martyr Vermigli, Heinrich Bullinger, Johannes Oecolampadius.  My interest in Swiss history also includes an interest in the Genevan Reformation, including the Genevan Consistory.  

I also do some research on the Lutheran Reformation, specifically Philip Melanchthon. Part of my interest in Melanchthon relates to the Renaissance rediscovery of astrology, alchemy, and esoteric knowledge on which I also do research.

Additionally, I have an abiding interest in the topic of authority, which has led me to publish on the history of biblical interpretation and, specifically, the quest for authority and authoritative sources of knowledge during the medieval and Early Modern eras. I have also published on the history of science.  

I also do research in the area of digital humanities, specifically electronic editing and digital editions.

I would be interested to supervise PhD students who wish to work on any subject overlapping with the research interests set out above.  In addition, I'm happy to supervise on seventeenth century puritanism, Lutheran orthodoxy, and the Scottish and English Reformation.


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Postal address:
3 Woodland Road
United Kingdom