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Dr Juliane FuerstBSc(Oxon), MSc, PhD(Lond)

Reader in Twentieth-Century History

Juliane Fuerst

Dr Juliane FuerstBSc(Oxon), MSc, PhD(Lond)

Reader in Twentieth-Century History

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Research interests

I am a social and cultural historian of the Soviet Union with a particular interest in late socialism, counterculture, youth and dissidence.

I am involved in a variety of projects that investigate and document late socialist life, including a new edition of the Cambridge History of Communism, for which I co-edited volume III jointly with Silvio Pons and Mark Selden. Together with Josie McLellan I recently published a collected volume titled  'Dropping out of Socialism: The Creation of Alternative Spheres in the Soviet Bloc', which resulted from an AHRC-funded project of the same name. I am also currently holding an AHRC follow-up and impact grant linked to this project, which funds an extensive exhibition on 'Soviet Flower Power' at the Wende Museum in Los Angeles. In addition I just completed a small British Academy project on black market traders in late Soviet Moscow and am the Principal Investigator on another AHRC-funded project turning the papers, pictures and artworks of a Soviet hippie poet into a digital archive. 'The Zone of Kaif' project aims to rescue the hidden word of the Soviet bohemian and subcultural underground from oblivion and make these less accessible parts of Soviet history available to a wider audience. With three co-investiators and two research assistants from different disciplines the project constitutes a comprehensive investigation into the mind and world of Soviet marginals, who were simultaneously trendsetters and outsiders.

Currently I am in the process of finishing a monograph on the Soviet hippie movement titled Flowers through Concrete: Explorations in the Soviet Hippieland, which is scheduled to appear with Oxford University Press in 2018. My research in Soviet hippie culture forms part of a larger interest in the many layers of late Soviet society, especially those, which are not visible at a first glance. While my work on the Soviet Hippies is predominantly based on interviews, I have a special interest in the material and visual culture of Soviet countercultures.

My book Stalin’s Last Generation: Soviet Postwar Youth and the Arrival of Mature Socialism was published by Oxford University Press in 2010. Based on my PhD dissertation, it argued that the generation socialized in the later Stalin’s years pushed the boundaries of Sovietness by looking for identities based on individual differentiation and less ideologically infused ideas, hence foreshadowing many of the developments of later years. Instead of the Thaw, the war and generational ennui emerge as the catalysts of change in Soviet post-war times. I am also the editor of Late Stalinist Russia: Society between Reconstruction and Reinvention (London, 2006).

I am a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Contemporary History and Soviet and Post-Soviet Review.


(0117) 928 7622,

1.30, 9 Woodland Road

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Research supervision

I welcome proposals for doctoral research on all aspects of Soviet history, in particular post-war history, questions involving youth and generation and explorations of the cultural and social underground.


I teach on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the 20th century, ranging from Soviet- specific lectures to seminars on modern spaces and ‘totalitarian’ societies.

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13-15 Woodland Road
United Kingdom