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Dr Markus PfeiferMSc, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Markus Pfeifer

Dr Markus PfeiferMSc, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Member of

Research interests

Cosmo- and Geochemistry

Origin and early evolution of the Solar System

  • Identification and isotopic investigation of presolar grains in meteorites
  • Refractory inclusions as time capsules of conditions and processes in the earliest Solar System
  • Nucleosynthetic anomalies in meteorites and their components
  • Irradiation effects in meteoritic components inherited from the nascent sun

Evaluation of isotope effects in heavy elements in Earth

Gypsum geochemistry as a potential tool for palaeo-environment reconstruction


Analytical expertise

Method development for laser ablation in-situ mass-independent isotope ratio measurements with the prototype collision cell MC-ICPMS "Proteus"

Development of high-precision protocols for isotope ratio measurements by implementing high-gain 1013 Ω resistors amplifiers attached to Faraday cups

Refine protocols for ultrapure elemental separation necessary for isotope analyses

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Postal address:
Wills Memorial Building
Queens Road
United Kingdom

Direct phone: +44 (0)117 954 5235