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Dr Michael P M Dicker

Senior Research Associate, Master of Philosophy Student

Research interests

Originally from Wollongong Australia where I obtained my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, I moved to Bristol in October 2012 to undertake my PhD in composite materials from the Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science (ACCIS). I  submitted my PhD in December 2016: Light and Chemistry Applied to the Control of Smart Materials and Structures. In March 2015 I was appointed Research Associate on Professor Paul Weaver’s Leverhulme project grant: Biomimetic Photo-Actuation, working between both the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Chemistry (Faul Research Group). Both these projects have been undertaken at the unique interface between mechanical engineering, physical chemistry and materials science. My research is broadly concerned with the integration of the functions of sensing and control within structures using light and chemistry. The aim of doing so is to create new classes of sentient structure which can intelligently change their orientation or configuration in response to their environment. Such devices would mimic the distributed sensing and solid state actuation so often seen in Nature, resulting in robust, highly reliable multifunctional structures. In the future such devices could find application in solar power generation, efficient aerospace structures and soft robotics. 

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Postal address:
Queen's Building
University Walk
United Kingdom