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Miss Rebecca Perkins

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

Rebecca Perkins

Miss Rebecca Perkins

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

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Timing Cu-Au-PGE Porphyry Mineralisation in the Maronia Magmatic Corridor, Thrace Basin, NE Greece

Porphyry copper deposits (PCDs) are typically associated with magmatic arcs above subduction zones where hydrous, highly fractionated calc-alkaline magmas provide favourable conditions for mineralisation. It is in such compressional settings that world-class PCDs have been found, e.g. the South American Cordillera. However, in SE Europe a smaller belt of PCDs challenges this paradigm. The mid-Tertiary PCDs of Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece are associated with post-orogenic crustal collapse following the collision of Africa with Eurasia.

The Maronia magmatic corridor, NE Greece, provides an ideal natural laboratory to study this unusual geodynamic setting of mineralisation. Here, a linear belt of early-Miocene magmatic intrusions and associated porphyry - epithermal Cu-Au deposits host unprecedented volumes of other precious metals, including Te and Se, which are in increasing demand as investment in green technologies grows. This project will further our understanding of this atypical suite of mineralisation and establish how it relates to the extensional tectonic processes occuring in the Aegean during the Tertiary.

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