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Professor Risto A KauppinenBMed(Oulu), MD(Oulu), PhD(Oulu)

Chair in Imaging

Risto Kauppinen

Professor Risto A KauppinenBMed(Oulu), MD(Oulu), PhD(Oulu)

Chair in Imaging

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Research interests

Magnetic Resonance techniques for brain imaging

I am an imaging scientist interested in biophysical basis for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) contrasts in human brain. Our recent work has revealed novel MRI contrast mechanisms in commonly used structural neuroimaging T1 and T2 scans. These novel contrasts are governed by interactions of mesoscopic (micro)structural components with the MRI reporter molecule, the water. We apply advanced structural MRI techniques to study brain tissue morphology and microstructure in normal ageing and in people with cognitive and memory problems. Our imaging studies focus on the hippocampus and white matter. The second line of neuroimaging research deals with tissue viability in acute stroke. We are developing MRI protocols to determine stroke onset time and tissue state in patients with unknown or uncertain symptom onset. The overarching goal of our MRI neuroimaging pursuit is to make early and accurate diagnosis of dementia and stroke pathology realistic in clinic. We envisage that imaging will impact patient management by reducing need for invasive procedures and making individualised and targeted therapies feasible.

Recent and current research grants

  • BRACE 'Detecting the earliest hippocampal changes in Alzheimer's disease by MRI' (2013-2017)
  • Dunhill Medical Trust ‘Timing of Ischaemic Stroke by 1H MRI’ (2016-2019)

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