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Dr Sam Williamson

Lecturer in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

  1. Humanitarian Energy Access in Rwanda

    Williamson, S. & Thomas, P.


    Project: Research

  2. Assessment of low power electric cooking in Nepal

    Williamson, S., Tran, A., Gautam, B., Maskey, M. & Maskey, R.


    Project: ResearchResearch Other

  3. Multi-Tier Microgrid Demonstrator and Workshop

    Williamson, S.


    Project: ResearchResearch Other

  4. Global Challenges ‘Low Carbon Energy Access’ Hub

    Hobson, K., Williamson, S., Theis, P. & Blondel, P.


    Project: ResearchResearch Other

  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Power Electronics Development at University of KwaZulu-Natal

    Williamson, S., Drury, D., Dorrell, D. & Akindeji, K. T.


    Project: ResearchResearch Standard