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Miss Sarah E Peters

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

Sarah Peters

Miss Sarah E Peters

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

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Research interests

Access to treatment for depression remains limited. There’s a need for effective interventions which are inexpensive, quick, and easy to access. The identification of causal factors in depression which are potentially preventable would be extremely valuable for both our understanding of the illness and the development of novel treatments.

The aim of my research is to develop a targeted, scalable, digital health intervention for depressive symptoms. As a potential intervention target, I’m interested in interpretation biases - specifically, how the biased negative interpretation of neutral or ambiguous information can lead to symptoms of depression. I am currently using epidemiological and genetic techniques in the ALSPAC dataset to investigate how these negative biases interact with stressful life events to predict subsequent depression. I’m particularly interested in more low-level stressful events (such as academic disappointment), as, from the perspective of an intervention, these may be more easily reattributed as positive than more severe negative events (such as divorce or bereavement).

I’m a PhD student funded by the School of Experimental Psychology and the Biomedical Research Centre at the University of Bristol, working with Professors Ian Penton-Voak and Marcus Munafò. Prior to this I completed a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London and a BSc in Psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London, both of which were first class degrees.

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