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Dr Silke Knippschild

Senior Lecturer

Research interests

Dr Knippschild's main research interests lie in the field of intercultural relations and cross-cultural influences between Ancient Western Asia, Greece, and Rome. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on written, art historical, and archaeological sources. She is also working on the reception of ancient art and is co-organizing the conference series Imagines with Dr. Marta Garcia (Roehampton) and Dr. Maria Jose Castillo (La Rioja). Imagines I was held at the Universidad de la Rioja in 2007, Imagines II (Seduction and Power) at Bristol in 2010, Imagines III (Magic and the Supernatural) at Mainz in 2013.

Dr Knippschild teaches Ancient History, focussing on Greece from the times of the Homeric epics to the Hellenistic World and on Achaemenid Persia.

Dr Knippschild welcomes applications from prospective research students planning to work on topics related to any of the abovementioned areas.

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Postal address:
11 Woodland Road
United Kingdom