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Dr Simon R HallB.Sc.(Open), Ph.D.(Bristol)

Reader in Materials Chemistry

Simon Hall

Dr Simon R HallB.Sc.(Open), Ph.D.(Bristol)

Reader in Materials Chemistry

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Research interests

We are interested in complex functional materials and how, by considered control of crystallization, we can alter and improve their functionality. Using templates, be they simple molecular, polymeric or even biological in origin, we gain a deeper understanding into how behaviour such as superconductivity, piezoelectricity, magnetoresistance and ferroelectricity can emerge as a function of crystal morphology in multi-component inorganic systems.

With applications in areas such as energy capture, storage and transmission, electronics, spintronics, non-volatile RAM and sensing, our materials are continually in demand for the next generation of high-performance devices.

Starting from the nexus point of Chemistry and Physics, our group members undertake multi-disciplinary research spanning an incredibly wide range of fields. From biomaterials and organic-inorganic self-assembly, through to high-temperature inorganic synthesis; from computer modelling of minerals and fluorescence spectroscopy to device engineering, our students have the skills required to gain the most complete understanding of the emergence and enhancement of functionality in materials.

We also are heavily involved with controlling polymorphism in organic crystals.  Our H2020 FET-Open grant 'MagnaPharm' ( is applying fine control over pharmaceutical cocrystallistion.  We are also applying our patented methods of kinetic control over organic crystal growth to agrochemicals, dyestuffs, foodstuffs, semiconductors, solar calls and high-energy materials.


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School of Chemistry
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United Kingdom