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Professor Stephen R HallettB.Sc.(Cape Town), D.Phil.(Oxon.)

Professor in Composite Structures

  1. High rate mixed mode testing of z-pinned composites

    Hallett, S. R. (Creator), Cui, H. (Creator), Yasaee, M. (Creator), Partridge, I. K. (Creator), Allegri, G. (Creator), Petrinic, N. (Creator), University of Bristol, 7 Dec 2017


  2. Z-pin high rate mode I and II experiments

    Allegri, G. (Creator), Partridge, I. K. (Creator), Hallett, S. R. (Creator), Partridge, I. K. (Creator), Yasaee, M. (Creator), Cui, H. (Creator), Pellegrino, A. (Creator), University of Bristol, 20 Apr 2017