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Dr Sven FriedemannPhD

Associate Professor

Sven Friedemann

Dr Sven FriedemannPhD

Associate Professor

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Research interests

My research focuses on tuning correlations in metals, insulators, and semiconductors with hydrostatic pressure. Using transport, thermodynamic, and magnetic measurements I aim to enhance our understanding of electronic behavior.

One focus of my research is to map the evolution of the Fermi surface whilst tuning materials from one ground state into another, e.g. from an antiferromagnet into a paramagnet. Strong correlations have been observed in such cases to lead to novel states like unconventional superconductivity. Here, I utilize quantum oscillation measurements to unravel the underlying electronic structure changes which can provide important input to theories of unconventional superconductivity.

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Postal address:
HH Wills Physics Laboratory
Tyndall Avenue
United Kingdom