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Miss Vivian Kong

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

Vivian Kong

Miss Vivian Kong

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, I am a PhD student at the University of Bristol under the Hong Kong History Project with Prof. Robert Bickers and Dr. Su Lin Lewis. I am interested in learning about how different communities coexisted with each other in the British Empire; I want to know how subjects of different communities identified themselves, how they saw each other, and how they understood Britishness.

By seeing the colony as a site of interaction between the British, Chinese, Portuguese, Indians and Eurasians, my doctoral research explores notions of Britishness in interwar Hong Kong. I seek to find out who was British, what made one British, and what being British meant for different communities. 

I am the founder and administrator of the Hong Kong History Postgrads/ECRs Network supported by the Hong Kong History Project. This group serves as an academic network for postgraduates, young scholars and early-career researchers in Hong Kong history to facilitate the connection of those working in the field, and allow those in the group to circulate information on developments in the field across the globe. I am also the coordinator of the Hong Kong History Project website. We are looking for postgraduates and early career researchers to contribute to our Introduction of PGR/ECR series. 

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