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BGER: Building Global Engagements in Research



The University of Bristol was awarded £500k by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to increase the strength and productivity of current international links, or build links in regions where none previously existed.

Bristol developed a four-pronged strategic plan to deliver measurable benefits from the deepening of existing links, the development of nascent multilateral international relationships with the potential to deliver substantial new research excellence, and the creation of completely new collaborations. Specifically we:
1) Exploited institutional framework relationships: We built on an existing partnership in research with Kyoto University to develop further the strategic research collaboration between the two institutions.
2) Developed new bilateral partnerships: Fostered our collaborative links with selected bilateral partners, specifically the University of Michigan and Princeton University and Zhejiang University, to enable our researchers to interact more effectively.
3) Promoted nascent partnerships: We sought collaborations with world-leading research groups by running two internal funding calls to identify and support new research collaborations that may form the basis of future institutional-level interactions.
4) Developed a multilateral network in Functional Nanomaterials: We have built UK capacity in this key University of Bristol research area, through development of a global, multilateral research network.

Further details of the activities supported via this project can be accessed via the project researchers own profiles and by visiting the Global Engagement website via the link on this webpage. A leaflet summarising the project overall is attached to this page.

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