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Dr George OikonomouBSc, FHEA


Research interests

My research focuses on energy-efficient networking for severely constrained wireless embedded devices and the IoT, with an emphasis on digital healthcare and smart city applications. My objective is to invent and prototype algorithms that are optimised for constrained/low-capability, battery-powered devices without sacrificing performance and reliability. Over the last few years I have been focussing on IEEE 802.15.4 / .15.4g networks, doing work that covers the entire 6LoWPAN/RPL stack. More specifically, I have made contributions in the areas of multicast forwarding; MAC layers with time-synchronisation (such as TSCH); congestion control; routing; neighbour discovery; service discovery. Within the same IoT context, I am also interested in secure software writing techniques; digital forensics; and software defined networking.

My research is very applied and often leads to high-TRL, deployment-ready outputs. A lot of my work has been released as open source software and is distributed as part of the Contiki-NG operating system for the Internet of Things, an open-source project of which I am a co-founder and steering group member. Most of the work is also part of the original Contiki OS, for which I used to serve as maintainer.

Key Contributions to Research Projects

I am Co-I in SPHERE, an EPSRC IRC on the development of sensors for the home to diagnose and help manage health and wellbeing conditions. The technology aims to aid early diagnosis, lifestyle change and the ability of patients to live at home. I am leading the "Design, Integration and Monitoring" work package; my team and I have delivered the overall architecture of the SPHERE system that is currently being deployed and tested in 100 participant properties in and around the Bristol area. I have also made a key contribution to the hardware and software/firmware design of SPHERE's in-house-developed wearable device, environmental sensor and low-power gateway.

Previously, I was Co-I for RERUM (FP7/2007-2013 grant n° 609094) on the design and implementation of a security framework for the IoT, driven by the requirements of Smart City applications. In addition to research papers and other outputs, I made a key contribution to the hardware and software/firmware design of a novel IoT hardware platform, which is now commercially available.

I was also affiliated with the (now concluded) ForToo project, an ISEC 2010 action grant on the development of advanced forensic tools against Internet abuse, with focus on forensic analysis of android devices and wireless sensors.

I am a member of the CSN and DHE research groups and I am affiliated with Crypto. I am also a member of the Smart Internet Lab.

Open Source Software

I am a co-founder, steering group member and maintainer of Contiki-NG, the next generation, open source operating system for the IoT. I have contributed the code which adds support for IPv6 / 6LoWPAN multicast and I am maintaining the hardware ports for the Texas Instruments CC2538 and CC13xx/CC26xx Cortex M3-based SoCs.

I am also the inventor of Sensniff, an open source "Live Traffic Capture and Sniffer for IEEE 802.15.4 networks", and one of the collaborators with cc2538-bsl, an open source serial boot loader project.

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Postal address:
Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom

Selected research outputs

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    Digital Investigations for IPv6-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

    Research output: Contribution to journalSpecial issue

  4. Published

    IPv6 Multicast Forwarding in RPL-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  5. Published
  6. Published

    A Game Theoretic Defence Framework Against DoS/DDoS Cyber Attacks

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  7. Published

    JPEG Steganography Detection with Benford's Law

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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Selected research projects

  1. RERUM

    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

  2. Forensic Tools Against Illegal Use of Internet (ForToo)

    Project: ResearchResearch Standard

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